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    London and Area reefers...

    Hello all,

    I'm writing this to find out how many reef/sw aquarists out there are from London and the surrounding areas.

    My name is Yonek and I did live in the area and am likely returning in April to London. I'm currently in Kingston.

    From others' posts, I've seen a few others from the area and was pleasantly suprised to find out I've met one of you before! rayjay, from your website, I'm glad to see you still have your butterfly collection. I also saw that ShipWreck is from the area too.

    I've been in the hobby a few years now and would like to get in touch with some fellow hobbyist when I get back to London. When I was last in town, another hobbyist, David K and I organized a few meetings for hobbyists in the summer of 1997. We had meetings in Masonville Mall in July and August, with some moderate success. I'm mentioning this in the hopes it jogs some memories (rayjay I met you here for the first time).

    I'm hoping this message will bring people out of the woodworks and who knows, something may come out of this.

    I look forward to hearing from people!


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    There are a lot of reefers now in London as well as a couple of good stores. We now have an official Marine Aquarium Club of London (MACL) that has just elected a board to direct it. It currently meets every other month at a members house (changes each time).

    As well if you are looking for stores there is (Online is drygoods, instore good quality livestock), StrictlySalt, and 1/2 out of town towards Sarnia is Lotus Aquatics. I would highly recommend these three stores unless you want to drive all the way to Toronto.

    If you want updates on the MACL we have a forum on the board that announces meetings, and any other club info.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    It's been a while since I've been in to see Doug (strictly salt) but if he's still keeping the store up it's worth the visit just to see what's in. Prices were usually fair but the hours were a hit or miss. Ian (reef perfection) is good about letting you order stuff for pick up and usually can work around a meeting time. Kinda nice out of a mail order store. Tim (lotus aquatics) is friendly and will talk up a storm with fair prices. I just wish he had a better selection of coral colours. If you're going to Sarnia hitting Tim's on the way back is a good idea, but I wouldn't make the trip out just for coral.

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    Hello, Yonek and long long time no hear from. I thought by now you would have gone south and taken over from Sprung.
    Actually, I'm getting older now and memory is getting worse because I though your name was Yanek. At least when the topic of those old meeting came up, that's what I was calling you then.
    Anyway, a lot of my 'flys I got rid of last year to free up one of my 90's for H. Barbouri seahorses, but then got bogged down with US and Canadian law that has made it next to imposible to import them from the US.
    Any way, here is a link to the new club.
    Marine Aquarium Club of London

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