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    Tang with red blotches

    My Yellow tang has broken out in red blotches. If I'm correct I believe he has an internal bacteria infection. Not sure what or how he got it. I will move him to a QT. Any suggestions as to medication / how to treat? I am I likely to loose him?

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    Hi, seems to be something like what this link is talking about:

    Qt for sure, and enrich his diet with selcon, garlic, nori. cover the sides of your QT too.. this should lower his stress.. also.. lower the light.. keep a dim light on ~10h a day.
    ( thats what I would do ) as for the meds, not sure where to get them, pm Ijo here and check his stock of meds.

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    I had the same problem with my yellow quite some time ago. Attached is the original thread. I did 2x 25g water changes 2 days apart and the blotches went away and the fish recovered and was healthy from that point on.

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