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Thread: dying hammer?

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    dying hammer?

    i dont have my camera here so i cant take pictures

    but bought a hammer on sunday and it was doing fine till this morning... for some reason, it started to produce long stringy mucus... and a lot of it... my cleaner ship jus ton top picking on it..

    some tips of the hammer started to break off as well...

    is it dying? anything i should do?

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    We need more info such as other tank inhabitants, water parameters etc..
    But it sounds like it is dying and should be removed immediatly to protect other corals in the tank.
    Do you have a quarantine tank to put it in? Or even a bucket with a pwer head and a light over it will do.

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    ok i just did a test with api kit that tests nitrtate, ph nitrite and ammonia...

    im not soo good with colouring this stuff and matching..

    nitrate would be betweeen 0 and 5.0 mg/L closer to 0 iw ould say.. pretty yellow.
    nitite is at 0 .. light blue.
    Ammonia between 0 and 0.25... more like 0...
    pH i find colour is hard to say... between 8 to 8.2

    i have a torch coral, and frogspawn... which all are far away from each other... 2 cleaner shrimps and a feather duster.

    i put him in the sump for now and it doesnt seem to be spweing out the silky mucus as much...

    it was really doing well and pretty from when i first put it in the tank till this morning... what else could have been?

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