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Thread: Catching fish

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    Catching fish

    Morning ladies & gentlemen,

    Well, I have an outbreak (epidemic preportions) of ich in my tank. Tried most of the remedies, not effective. So, I'm going to remove all the fish from the tank into quarinteen. Small problem, those little buggers are fast!! Any hints on how to catch the fish? I have two nets, but my 120 gallon long has a 12" glass brace in the centre, making things a little acward. Tried for a couple of hours yesterday, but I got more exercise than the fish did, flipping back and forth over that brace. Any help would be appreciated. Should I try to catch them after lights out?



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    other than taking the rocks out and getting them that way i've put some tasty food in the net and let them get use to it.
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    Here is a fish trap that works great for catching most fish. It hangs on the side of a tank or for bottom dwellers you make it without the bracket. Drop it in the tank for a few days for the fish to get used to and put food inside, and use a clamp to keep the door open. Once the fish get used to feeding just tie a piece of fishing line to the whole in the door and sit across the room. When they enter drop the line and the door shuts and the fish is caught.

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    Thanks, I'll try that.

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