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    Question Disappearing act

    My Clown Goby has disappeared. Haven't seen him in 4-5 days; do they have a tendancie of disappearing? He's always been quite visible, never gone into hiding before. My Flame Goby has done the now you see him, now you don't but, this is a first for the Clown. What are chances he'll reappear? Or, should I just consider it another loss? I've only been in the s/w for a couple of month, bought the 80g used with livestock, so I have no idea how old the Clown was but, he sure looked healthy enough.

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    make sure he didn't jump out of the tank or is stuck somewhere in your lighting.
    also, any big crabs ? or mantis shrimps ? if you are unsure.. you might want to remove some of the LR and check if u can find him..

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    Also if you have a sump check there. If not and you have a fluval or something like that with a surface skimmer check that as well. When me and the wife went on vacation a couple of years ago we got a call from the tank sitter. She said that the clown was missing. She looked in all the normal spots like the floor and rock work but nothing. I said ok and i'll figure it out when I get home. Well two weeks later when we did get home I turned the power off on the fluval (Before I got my sump)to clean it and up he popped. Skinny as a rake but still alive. He was swimming straight up for two weeks. Needless to say he hid in the rock work for a couple of days, scared to death Probably thought the big tube was going to get him again!! Hope this helps.
    Mike Philpott

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