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    Best way to Topoff?

    Ok i need some advice on my topoff water ,i am getting a little tired of adding water in the sump manually.My RO/DI unit is in the Laundry room and my tank is about 30 ft away.So my question is there a way of leaving on my ro/di unit so it automatically fills my 100L container in the laundry room.And how can i pump the water from the container into the tank.I would have torun the hose up the wall and across the ceiling tiles and into the sump which is 30 ft away.Any ideas ?

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    I use an RO unit that has an auto shut-off, and it came with a float for top-off, works so good I need another float for my second tank. I added another faucet to my laundry sink for the RO unit, that was the most work. I can leave the sink on, and the water will get topped off automatically. the unit goes on for 10 seconds every half hour about, it kinda started to annoy me so i just turn on the tap everyday and once its done i shut the tap off. there is no risk of flood using the float (unless it were jammed somehow). as soon as the water reaches the right level the float shuts off the output, then the RO unit senses the pressure and stops working.

    this is the unit in question but you may need the autoshut-off extra for the ro unit. the seller also has the floats, i dont know where else to get them

    One thing that should be noted is when i put the faucet in and left the water on (hot/cold premix) there would be NO hot water in the house. I'll i wanted was a hose splitter originally (from the laundry line), and that would have worked just as well because i only use cold water on the RO now. Otherwise the hot and cold plumbing becomes joined basically

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    Send a pm to tang_man_montreal.
    He makes auto-topoff units at a very reasonable price.
    Many of us here have his top-off units.
    He basically makes 2 unit will control the RO/DI unit to fill an container. The other unit keeps your sump water level at a constant by pulling the water from the reserver container.

    I've had one for over 2 years.....absolutely recommend it.
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    If your the DIY type... the unit below gives you everything you need along with instructions.


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    Mecka, I have the exact situation as you. My RO/DI unit is in the laundry room which is about 30' from the tank. I have a Mag 5 pumping water from the reservoir through a 5/8" tube into my sump. I installed a JBJ Auto Top Off Controller on my sump about one month ago. It is a great piece of electronics and very easy to install and run. It literally took me less than seven minutes to assemble and mount the float switch in the sump, mount the controller on the stand and plug in the pump that was already in my RO/DI reservoir. I ran 30' of: extension cord, 5/8" tube and two strand wire for the reservoir float switch through the ceiling between the sump room and the laundry room. I looked at a few different models but went with the JBJ for a few reasons that I have ranked in order of importance. 1. There is a timer built into the unit that limits the pump from operating for more than three minutes at a time. If a snail or some other buildup stops the float switch from shutting off, I will not flood the sump and floor! 2. I wanted a turn-key solution. This unit comes with all the mounting hardware, installed snail guards and wiring. Everything in one box and it all works great together. 3. Ease of use. Just plug it in and forget it! 4. Flexible. This unit comes with two float switches that can be used in various ways. I am using the Mode A setting which allows one float switch in the sump (turns on about every four hours for 30 seconds or so) and one in the RO/DI reservoir that disables the RO/DI pump from running if it is low in water (Never burn out a pump!).
    The unit was more money than I wanted to spend ($150) but with all of these features and benefits it is well worth it. I highly recommend this device. Make sure that you put a syphon break in the tube in your reservoir otherwise you will have a flood. Good luck with whatever way you go.
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    Fender: What you want it is a Mixer valve with check valves built in.

    I got mine from McMaster Carr. It avoids having water flow through the mixer (faucet).

    Mecka: You can use the system PWALL suggests.

    The trick to supply from the laundry room up, over and down to the tank/sump is avoiding a syphon that could keep water flowing after the pump shuts off. Syphon breaks are simple, usually just a tee at the highest point with a line that runs up further to a check valve -- to let air in to the line when the pump shuts off.

    This is my syphon break. Not a tee with a check valve, but, mine is over my sump, so if it ever sputters, it isn't a problem. It actually gets a little salt spray from the skimmer output. As you can see, I just tie wrapped a barbed 1/2" elbow into a larger, 3/4", pipe. My high point is only 12" over the sump water level.

    Another approach would be to have a secondary top off reservoir near the tank. It could be gravity fed or use a pump. You'd still have to fill this manually, but, you could use a long hose and pump rather than lugging buckets.
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    I have a auto Top off from PrairieReef Supplies. I just ran Clear airline tubing from my RO, around the perimeter of my basement to the selonoid, and the float. Have had it running for over a year now. Really has been a nice feature to the tank, no more hauling 5 gal water jugs to a rubbermaid bin with Kalk, and have to worry about my float getting stuck open with kalk buildup. And also doesn't require a seperate pump to run. Probably the best $80 I ever spent. Especially with Kids sometimes I don't get down to the tank for a couple of days, don't have to worry about pump running dry.

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