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    Q: Possible fish killer?

    Well, it seems that a six line wrasse is compatible with my other fish but not the crab!

    Is it possible that my big red hermit (shell is 2" across) could be a fish killer?

    I ask as I have now lost yet another fish under very mysterious circumstances, a six line wrasse I got yesterday. He seemed fine when he went in the tank after a 2+ hour drip. The other 2 fish (common clown and pajama cardinal) paid little to no attention to him. Saw him swimming around this morning before we left for the day but then this evening I could not find him so I went looking...found him in the clutches of the big red hermit still alive and missing at least the back 1/2" or so! I know it is Nature's way but I could not stand to watch it get eaten alive and euthanized him instead.

    I had initially blamed my deaths on 2 small mystery crabs living in the LR but seeing this one still alive in the the hermit's claws is starting to change my perspective.

    Has anyone ever heard of this type of behaviour before?


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    I don't think it's him.
    The fish either died on it's own or it's killed by something else.
    Once fish is dead, hermits move in.
    If the fish was swimming this morning, I don't think it went for a nap in the afternoon.
    Hermits are too slow to catch swimming fish.

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    That's what I thought but this fish was definitely alive and feisty as the hermit was devouring him. Perhaps the hermit stressed it by harassing it to the point it could catch it?

    I have lost the following fish over a period of several months (bought from 3 different sources - only 1 from a LFS):

    1 clown goby
    2 royal gramma
    1 firefish

    It seems a bit of a stretch that there is a systemic problem in my tank as the clown fish has been with me from the start and the pajama cardinal was added after the first 3 deaths. Admittedly I have not checked my parameters (don't even own the test kits!) but I will hopefully get the water checked very soon.

    I also remember reading somewhere that red legs can be aggressive (?) towards fish - can't find the reference now.


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    large hermits can kill small fish easily despite how slow they move, all they need is an oppourtunity.

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    This sucker is big - wish I had a sump to put him in. He came as a hitchhiker in some sand I got when starting the tank for the first time.

    To be safe, I think I might need to find him a new home...


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