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    Adams 55G reef (lots of pics)

    Well I finally have the technology to show off my reef tank Here's the stats.
    55G reef with 20g sump and 20g xtall fuge
    260w pc
    100 lbs live rock
    80 lbs sand
    lots of softies/shrooms, lps and 1 captive bred clam
    percula clown
    bar goby
    bicolor blenny
    manderain goby
    highfin shrimp goby/ pistol shrimp combo(awesome)
    2 cleaner shrimp
    yellow coral banded shrimp
    2 tigertail cuckes
    colored urchin
    blue legged and left handed hermits
    assorted snails.

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    nothing like a well populated softie tank, i think it can potentially beat SPS tanks, but thats a personal perference... i rather have a variety of creatures than a stiff tank showcasing only corals... (most laymens don't even know the corals are alive... so impressing people with critter is so much more fun!)

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    wow nice tank, thanks for sharing

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

    Return Pump: Little Giant 4-MDQX SC
    Water Movement: MP40W, Seio 1500, (2) Hydor K4's
    Lighting: 400W SE MH with 10K Venture
    Skimmer: Euro-Reef RS250 with gate valve
    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

    My Gallery

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    Nice tank, nice set-up to! :wink5:
    180g AGA inwall W/ 2 overflows W/ 205g sump 20g fuge, 77g W/ 30g sump 12g fuge w/mag 9.5 pump.

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    Its freakin beautiful.

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    Very nice reef. I have 20g softies tank too and love it for the simplicity and beauty of soft corals.
    90G bb mixed reef set up in April 2005. I had 40g mixed reef for one year before that

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