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    Peppermint Shrimp VS Camel Shrimp.

    Hey I was in the market for some more peppermint shrimp and I was going to buy some from a store that was going out of business in the area. Before I was going to buy them someone told me that the shrimp they had there were not peppermint but in fact were Camel shrimp.

    The first picture is a camel shrimp and the second is a peppermint shrimp. From what I read the Camel shrimp is not reef safe and is mixed up very often with the peppermint. The main thing to look for in your shrimp is the coloring. The camels colors are alot brighter.

    Hope this info helps someone out there.
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    another easy tell, is camel shrimp have long eye stalks with big googly ( not sure if thats a word ) eyes on the end.

    camels also are more of a red and "white" as opposed to the peppermints that are red and "yellow" ( or at least off white )


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