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    Lighting problem

    Looking for some help here. I have 2 x 250W HQI Giesemann megachrome bulbs driven by a BW-7 Dual MH 250 HQI ballast by Sunlight Supply. Bought this off BVoss about a year ago, think he was running it for 2 years.
    I replaced the bulbs in January 07. One of the bulbs is struggling to fire up. I put in one of the bulbs that I had replaced which was working at the time and it still did not fire up. The ballast is a single on/off switch for both bulbs, so I switched the power cords. The same bulb did not fire up.
    Does anyone have any idea what the issue woulb be? Is there something inside the ballast itself that may be loose, shorted or needs to be replaced. I am pretty sure it's not the bulbs that are the problem.

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    if its a new bulb, it might be a bit normal if its struggling to start.
    new bulbs are often this this. specially if its a DE.. i'm not sure if your setup is DE.. but DE's are prone to this... i believe the trick is to try to get them fired up .. and once its up.. leave it for a good amount of time.. like 10hours. it should help it.

    if it does this with both.. look at replacing the capacitor if its a TAR type ballast... I believe the HQI is a tar... but i could be wrong.
    WARNING, be carefull if you open the ballast.. the capacitor might still be charged and could give you a big jolt... you should be able to get another one in any good lighting store that sells ballasts.

    hope this helps!

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