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    Anyone using the Reef-resh system?

    Just curious…
    225g SSB display, World Fish Custom Sump/Fuge/Filter, H&S A250-2X1260, h&S sulphur reactor, Reeflo Dart 3600g return on a wavy sea plus, 4X Tunze 6101, Deltec PF600, Octopus 3000, Aquazone Ozone 100,
    Lights: 2X250W 10K XM’s, 1X400W10K XM, 6XT5s Al lights controlled by AC Jr.

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    Who is this made by?

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    Polyp Labs... same company that makes Reef Roids... same company the didnt follow through on the contest I won... which crashed my tank!

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    I have never used it but I hear its very expensive and if you should ever decide to take your system off of it... do it very slowly.


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    just use sugar
    Hardwares: 50G reef tank, 30G sump & ~55lb Indo/Fiji LR. Finnex 36"x4 T5 lights, Coralife Superskimmer 220g, Mag9.5 return and SEIO820+MJ600 PH.
    Corals: zoosss, mushrooms, hammer, torch, fogsprawn, blasto, crocea clam, RBTA
    Fish: Percular clown PJ cardinal, royal gramma, yellow watchman goby, 3x chromis.

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