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    Tank Topper

    Since setting up my 120g it's always had a 6" wood trim around the top of it to help hide the plumbing from my over the top Ocean Motions 4way. It was a simple open top four sided trim piece. I dont have central air in my house but through using a fan on the sump in the basement and a couple small ones over the display tank operated by a aquacontroller jr. I have easily been able to maintain my target temp. Two days ago I replaced it with basically the same thing, only it was custom built to a new height of 18" at the request of my wife due to the complaint of being blinded by the 750 watts of lights hanging over my tank in her dining room. It still has a totally open top, just four sides with a flip up door in the front for access. I was surprised to find that the tank temp went up 3 degrees under normal operating conditions. I added two more small fans to the top of the display tank this morning to see if that would make a change in temp. The added fans kept the tank at 1.5 degrees above normal (normal being 80) but today was a considerably cooler day than in the last week and all the fans ran all day long and are still running now with all lights off. The temp now is 0.3 degrees away from shut down but I cant believe how the raised sides messed up my temps and increased evaporation. I never would have thought that simply raising the sides would have done that much. Just goes to show you that trying to solve one problem (wife blindness) is now giving me a new one to solve for when the hotter temps come back. I have had "stability is key in a reef tank" pounded into my head by one of my highly respected fellow reefer friends, so I hate temperature swings.

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    Higher sides must be keeping the heat from the 750 watts of light.

    Higher sides make your fans less effective, so, you need more fans or more powerful fans.

    But, a happy wife (or at least less unhappy) is a better option.
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