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    anemone won't stay put

    My Anenome will not attach itself to anything ever since I's driving me crazy cause every day I have to figure out where it floated to and move rocks around to find it, or unplug all the powerheads which causes stress in other corals...I tried barricading it in a corner but after a week its still just sitting in there not attaching itself to a thing....this has been going on now for a month....any ideas?

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    What kind of anemone is it? Mine always stayed attached when it was moving. Do you have a lot of flow in the tank?
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    I have the same problem with mine. It is a long tentacle anemone. Rather small but the colour is good. Please ! Could someone help ? I've almost resorted to crazy gluing it to one place - but I suspect that is not a good idea .

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    If your anenome is moving around alot then there is a reason regardless of species if it is a hosting anenome. Check the flow, ph, salinity and alkalinity. I have found that over the past 4 years with my Ritteri (hectoractis Magnifica) one of these has been off by a measurable amount when it has wandered. Another reason is changes in lighting. Brand new bulbs that are more intense then it is used to can cause it to move. Also, bulbs that are too old will cause it to move. Because of your description of it moving around the rocks I am going to assume it is a Bulb/Bubble Tip Anenome which have a higher propensity for movement then most other host anenomes.
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    hmm ..interesting anemone wont stay in one place. mine as well it doesn't stay in one place always go everywhere . i 've got 3 kind of anemone one blue carpet, 2 LTA . i guess thats why their always moving around b'coz of looking for for the food under the sand.:b16:

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    they will also start to wander if you are not feeding them enough.

    what and how often are you guys feeding?

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    It's a long tentacle anemone...the bulbs are getting a bit old I guess...maybe that's it...I have tried feeding it but it won't take food...It use to when it was staying in one place.

    I have lots of flow

    I just did a water change

    The ph is fine...salinity is fine

    I'm going to go with the bulb thing...hopfully after I change them he'll be ok

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    How long have you had it for?

    When I first introduced a Sebae to my tank it was quite active. It would flatten itself out, and away it went floating around the tank.

    I found that when I placed it in an area of LOW FLOW with some small pieces of LR around it would stay put but not attach.

    It would also take about half hour to an hour to consume small pieces of shrimp (stress ?). I had to keep the other tankmates away during this time or else they would steal the shrimp from the anemone, especially the cleaner shrimp, and clowns. Seemed like it was not eating but actually it just took a long time. Make sure the food is the right size.

    After a few weeks of feeding it stayed put. Been about 6 months since I've had it and it now burrows into the sand regardless of flow, and is hosting two percs. Feeding only takes about a couple minutes now.

    My experience with my nem is that they do require alot of care and attention, and time to get settled into a tank.

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