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  • false percs with true percs

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  • false percs with tomatos

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  • false percs with black/dark red false percs

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  • others ? please specify

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    POLL: mixing different types of clowns?

    Are you keeping different kinds of clowns in the same tank ?
    if so, how many different types ?

    I picked up a beautiful mated pair of yellow stripped maroon clowns yesterday.
    ( absolutely adorable ).. but not sure about keeping them in the same tank as my false percs... they are currently the same size as my percs.. or just about.

    from what I read, my tank should be big enough to accommodate both species.. but big warning about the maroons COULD turn vicious.

    Also, write below which types and anybody with experience with Maroon's ?

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    My brothers tank has a pair of flase clonws with a tomato and everything seems to be ok... I think the fact that his tank is 180 gallon helps a lot... if you have lots of space... I think 2 types is ok(but why bother... there are so many other cool fish to throw in there)... stick with one type.(darwins... hehe)


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    Hi I have a pair of cinnamon clowns in w/ one skunk clown in a 72gl.They tend to keep to their separate sides and just run each other every once in a while, when one encroachs on the others space no damage that I notice.


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    so far so good!
    the false percs are on the right side of the tank, the maroons on the left.
    will try to post in a month with an update.

    here a vid i took tonight of the maroons.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    Well... Interesting that this topic has come up, in the past week my Gold Stripe maroons have kicked my false percs out of there anemone. They wont allow them to go to the other side of the tank into the anemone that they were in as well. So they have taken to hosting to my frogspawn. GSM's have been mated for just over a year. False percs have been mated for about 10 months. They have been in a Tank together as pairs since February. They were then moved into my 120 in March and have had no problems up until a week ago. I've just tonight moved the frogspawn near the other Anemone hoping that the GSM's will leave them alone and the fp's can move into that one.

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