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    OT...hubby going to Montreal

    My husband is going to Montreal for the President's Cup and has so kindly offered to bring me something home! Sooooo....where should I send him to shop? I am really looking for zoas now to fill in some space. The brighter the better


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    there was a thread on montreal fish stores not too long ago, try searching for it for more stores, but last time i was there worldfish had lots of impressive stuff to find out where it is, i was brought there so no idea how to get there really

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    We don't have impressive stuff... send him to Ottawa! haha

    Worldfish usually has some nice stuff
    Le Corail (sp) greenfield park(loc?) I heard it was the best so far for fragments

    Other than that.... Unless he comes when petstores just recieve an order, everything left in the rest of the stores would be brown polyps or dying colonies.

    Nature pet centers, big als, aqua tropical etc. About 3-4 days after a nice order comes in, you are left with the ugly brown bleached corals and have to wait another 2-3 weeks before they get new stuff.

    Let me know when he comes down and you can send me PMs. I visit petstores very often so I know what they'll have in stock and where it's worth while to visit.
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    kat if your into zoo frags... you have to check out and


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