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Thread: acro crabs

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    acro crabs

    I picked up an sps yesturday.. came with 2 crabs.
    One I identified as a safe acro crab.. white claws.. tiny with tiny white claws.
    the other being a nasty one.. brown, hairy, black claws and reddish/grey eyes. I took the black clawed guy out and put him in the sump.

    He was pinching at the sps all day. He seemed to be stabbing the coral constantly by rapid motions on the sps polyp holes. And also trying to get at the acro crab. From reading online, I think i made a wise decision.
    anybody seen those types of crabs before.

    I'm not even sure I should have kept him in the sump, seems to go after snails, worms, stars etc. I guess he can battle it out with all the other wierd creatures I decided to keep in the sump.. lol


    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    sounds like a gorilla crab, both hairy and dark claws are a good sign of a nasty crab. thats not even taking into account the burning red eyes :b13:

    i think you made a wise decision, would love to see a pic of the beast if you have time.

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    I think you did good by getting rid of it... anything hariy that you didn't pay for is more than likely not a good thing. I used to have some with baby blue eyes and I can confirm they eat the coral... red eyes ar the same.


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    Glad to hear you have a good acro crab! They are realy cool to look at!

    The other crab well, I wouldnt have even kept him in the sump. They are bad crabs, Id rather not have anything praying on cleaner crew and pods and such.

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    Sounds like you made the right choice.

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