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    little star invasion

    what fish can eat those litte stars, they start to touch some of my SPS, some guys told me eightline fairy wrasses.
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    i believe harlequin shrimp eat those small asterina stars, along with other stars and possibly urchins too :b13:

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    Do they have a red dot in the center of their boddies? I heard these are not reef safe and the others are ok.(I've had the plane white stars and they never really caused an issue.

    The harlequin shrimp is super nice but remember that all they eat is stars... make sure you have a constant supply. (I wish i could have one but there is no way i would be able to keep him fed)


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    i ahve a bunch of the ones with the red dot... they definately have grown a little in number but haven't seem them do any damage as of yet. I've seen my sixline pick off a few here adn there... I'm pretty sure he keeps their numbers in check. Haven't been able to find much info on them however.

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