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Thread: Sticky Prices

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    Sticky Prices

    As I write this, the cdn. $ is at $1.088 US. I'm sure everyone here has seen in the news, about how it is taking time for prices to adjust. In economics, economists refer to this phenomina as "sticky". Anyway, here is a true story.

    At lunch today, I thought I'd do a little online shopping for some dry goods. In perticular I was looking for an algae magnet, and some 2-part calcium additive.

    I won't say who the retailer is, but I visited their site, added the above stuff to the shopping cart, and was about to checkout, when I noticed the button to show prices in $US. My order in Cdn was $134.00 which included shipping, but when I switched to $US, the cost of the order fell to $106.00 $US. Needless to say, I bought the order in $US, and I'll let Visa do the conversion for me (probably at around 0.918), so my order really cost $97.31 Cdn. Sweet!

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    nice... a few online shops have this option to buy in US dollars.

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    wow.. you saved like almost 40$ !! thats huge !

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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    Yep, 30% off :b13: Crazy eh?

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    I've noticed a few eBay sellers from Hong Kong who sell in both US$ and British pounds. Choosing the US$ drops the conversion from $48 to $42 (with a similar effect on shipping). This from the same seller in the same location shipping to Canada. Their conversion is off.

    My wife sells software around the world. Outside Canada it is in US$. Customers are now benefiting from the lower US$, even if they are in Europe. Though, in the past, they paid extra, now they pay less.
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