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    how big do your mushrooms get ?

    I've got quite a few in my main tank, but i guess with the current they stay at the 1-2" max.. in my sump.. its very low current.. I've got a few going on 4" diameter easy..
    I can't get a descent shot yet.. wierd/awkward angle.

    how big are yours ?

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    I have mine in a 8g and the flow is pretty descend, I got a picture of mine, and I would say it is around 3-4 inch in diameter when it is fully opened

    I think that is the biggest it will get, or else I will have to frag it:b2:!!

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    it all depends on the mushroom but I've found that lighting plays a huge part on this. to much and they stay small or even relocate.lots of times you'll see the T5 VHO tanks have huge mushrooms. or MH lighting that is old lamps or under power.

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    mine range from 2" - 4" ( depending on location and flow ) but i have a good amount of flow and use 400W lights. a friend of mine has a few that are closer to 6" but he has considerably less flow and less light.

    PS: and i don't do any additional feeding, which i'm sure might help too

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    I've had three colors of shrooms in my main tank, green, red with purple speckles, and purple. Under the metal halide the only one that does well is the green as they split once every two weeks and inflate to 2-3 inches. The other shrooms stay small only around 1-2 inch so I've moved them into the refugium which only has power compact lighting. Hopefully they will do well in the refugium but so far no change, which is surprising to me as these came from my 40 gallon tank where they would constantly expand to 4-5 inches with power compact lighting. Time wil tell I suppose.
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