Anyone out there have any practical experience keeping these fish for a reasonable length of time?

I ask because I am very seriously considering getting a pair.

For those who have not been following along, the background to my home tank is here:

Since Oct. (the last post in that thread), I have not really done/added much to the tank. Just lettin it mature. Basically I'm waiting for all of the live rock to be covered in coraline, and the refugium to be full of pods. I figure another couple of months.

Current fish are: 2 Black Mollies, 2 Orange Skunk Clowns (tiny), 1 Yellow Watchman Gobie, 1 Hi-fin Watchman Gobie, 1 Court Jester Gobie, and 1 Bi-colour Blenie.

Current Inverts are: 1 Tiger Pistol Shrimp, 1 Red, Blue-leg Pistol Shrimp, 2 Cleaner Shimp, 2 Brittle Stars, 1 urchin, various snails and hermits.

Most of the research I've done on the Leopards is here:

and here:

I want the Leopards to go into the tank next so they will face little competition or aggression, but I don't want to put them in until the tank is ready.

Lastly, the only other fish I have planned are 4 or 5 Blue Chromis and a Copperband, neither of which will go in until the Leopards are established.