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    what (if anything) will make my Clowns love my anemone?

    As mentioned in an earlier post, I got myself a Carpet Anemone. I then went to my LFS and the "Manager" told me that I would have better luck with a pair of Tomato Clowns taking to it then the Perks he had there. Not having a lot of experience with Carpet Anemones I purchased a pair of the Tomatos, but was a little hesitant because during my reasearch, I saw many pictures of Carpets with perks and I know that the Tomato Clowns are more agressive then the perks and it may limit my selection of fish later on, but I wanted the clowns I got for my tank to host with the anemone so I went with the recommendation of the Manager.

    It has now been three days and the clowns have shown zero interest in the carpet. They have adopted the Frogspawn and a large hairy mushroom instead.

    If the Clowns haven't shown any interest in the carpet yet, is it more than likely they won't? Is there something I can do to help the cause? I was thinking of moving the frogspawn closer to the carpet or taking it out of the tank for a bit.

    ... or should I just have some patience ... (what's that?)

    Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!


    Groceries or more reef supplies?
    What an easy decision...

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    Take a look at the link in this thread about clowns and hosts...

    Patience. It took Susan's quite a while before they moved to the anenome.

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    Thanks ATC!

    Groceries or more reef supplies?
    What an easy decision...

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    It takes time.. They need to start feeling save in there enviroment before they start to look for someplace to play.. I had my Percs for about 2 months before they started to host to anything.. Now the are into everything.. as i add things to the tank they go and jump into it..

    So just sit back relax.. and watch them at nite.. thats why they will start showing intrest.

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    Percs would have been the better choice, as they are natural hosts.
    Time and patience.
    I tried feeding the clowns over the anemone.
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