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    Bangaii Cardinals BREEDING

    I have 3 of these cardinals in my tank for 3 months now. Today, while doing a water change, I noticed what looked to be a spider near the top of the water, but when I looked closer, it was a baby cardinal! It's about a full centimeter in length. I notice it likes hanging around the tentacles of my hammer coral. I hope it makes it! :b2:
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    Congrats, time for the cigars!

    If you have a fuge I would carefully move it down there. Also you will want to feed it baby brine or chopped mysis and check that it is eating. They are fairly resilient fish as a local reefer in town here had the same surprise birth and found 2 that made it down to the sump. Several weeks later he found a 3rd one in the sump from the same batch that alive and healthy.

    Good lucks and post some pics.
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    that's awesome, definitely post some pics please. ( i know they're tiny but.... ) :b16:

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