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    Outside The Box Tank

    I'm thinking about setting up a different kind of tank this summer.
    I would like a tall tank. inside that tall tank there will be mountain with a water fall, bonzia tree and assorted plants at the top. I'm trying to replicate a slice of nature from the ocean bottom to the sky.
    this will be T5 lit and softies only. the tank will be about 1/2 full.
    I'll probally use some slate in the top part.
    I'd like to use a small lizard as well but I guess that would foul the water.

    the plumbing will be interesting.
    anyone have any ideas or have you seen a tank setup like that?

    I'll probally have to custom make the tank itself like 5 feet high.

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    I have seen a FW setup similar to what you are describing, but never saltwater. Sounds very interesting though.
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    I've thought about this aswell... I think its doable and would definately be cool!!!


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    yeh definatly something cool. I'd have to keep the water fall to a minimum splash. might need to use some fake stuff as well. moss/plants etc.
    mangroves maybe at waters edge. glass top to keep in humidity.

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    Add a shower setup for top off. If you could dim the lights and start the shower (maybe over the top) it would be cool. I think it would be inevitable that your waterfall would trigger salt spray. The fresh water shower would help this.

    I've only seen fresh water setups. Some used "Great Stuff" expanding foam to build the land and above background. Buried in the foam was the plumbing (remember to plan in maintenance).

    Not sure what you'd do for lighting. Could you add a T5 outside the tank and below the water to supplement lighting to the coral?
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    salt creep would probably the most annoying thing about this, but very cool setup for sure.

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    yeh but I'm wondering if I'd have any saltcreep if the system was pretty much sealed? not 100% because I need gas exchange but humid.
    the shower idea from CRES might work. a misting of sorts that would be my topoff. I want it to look like those rain forrest type setups I see in the stores sometimes. usually meant for lizards or turtles I guess? what about a fog machine that would come on for a few minutes a day in the am?

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    very cool idea but i agree the salt spray / creep would be annoying and how would you do the aquascaping?

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    It would be absolutely amazing Jonny! you planning on doing this with the 500g ?
    it would be absolutely wicked !!!
    You could also convert it to freshwater. Mangroves do great in freshwater too. add a few turtles

    If you went with converting the 500g into that, I'd go with eastern painted turtles. they eat anything, adapt quite well to life indoors, non aggressive and take many many years to reach maturity.
    I'd see large pieces of drift wood so they can climb on, maybe a few local fishes like rock bass, sunfish etc.

    Let us know what you decide!!

    as for salt spray.. ... well most lizards and turtles wouldn't tolerate that i think. you'd need a ocean born iguana ( good luck finding one of those ). they have special nose aparatus to get rid of the salt spray.

    very interesting idea i'm tagging along this one

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    liv, the 500g will be a full blown reef and is as we speak going thru its cycles
    ''blooms'' I even have 1 little fish in there [dottyback] thats doing just fine.
    I have a bunch of pats DIY ROCK and a few pieces of liverock that has kicked the tank full time.

    I'm gonna make a tank this summer that will be about 5 to 6 feet high!

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