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    Help with Frogspawn

    What I have appears to be a frogspawn allthough I have yet to see any sweepers.I see a little almost clear curled (thing gismo gisari- all scientific terms ) darting in and out of the mouth, most visable when the lights are off. Do the sweepers appear when the lights are on or off? Does this coral need suplemental feeding and if so how much, of what, and how often?

    I know I should not have bought a coral without knowing somthing about it but it was purchaced with 2 other corals I was looking for and they were 3 for a hundred bucks.

    Thanks Frank

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    A pic would help a lot.

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    frogspawn are mostly photosynthetic but you can target feed them once ( maybe twice ) a week with zooplankton ( brine / mysis / cyclops ). use a turkey baster and gentle waft the food ( mixed with tank water ) over the coral when the tentacles are fully expanded.

    they don't always put out sweepers but they can and need space between them and other corals. ( 2" - 6" sweepers )

    also post a pic see we can make sure that is what you have :b15:

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    I know even less about photography and posting pictures than I do about Frogspawn

    Thanks Frank

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