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Thread: Save your Salt!

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    Save your Salt!

    Well if any of you have the same issues i do.. With humitiy... then you most likly have the same issues that every time you go into your bucket the salts all hard! ..

    Well what i did with this bucket is i placed a Piece of bread in the bucket.. Got the idea from class.. as we would out bread in our Brown sugar to keep it loose.. lol, Well it works. and i have yet to have to break up the salt.. i do water changes every 3 weeks.. and when i do i replace the bread..

    Just thought i would share!


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    Good idea, I do that at one of my jobs where I handle food and it soaks up the moisture, I'd change the bread at least every 4-5 days or less as it will go moldy.
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    one hell of an idea!

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    Yea.. and the cost of a couple of slices of bread.. Compared to the moisture getting into the salt and screwing it up.. I think it would be much cheaper!

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    Another idea. When I buy Nori at the grocery store, the plastic bags always have a small bag of silica gel (dessicant) in with it. I usually just toss it into my salt bucket.
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