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    Thinking of moving soon. best way 2

    I am thinking of moving out to a different house in less then two months from now and the house is about thirty minutes away. The thought of moving is stressful, but the thought of moving my tanks is worst. All I keep thinking is "How am I going to move my tank without anything dying" right now I have nothing in the tank but by the time I move I should have a few corals. What is the easiest way to move all the water and corals from one place to another without losing anything and causing the coral any harm?

    1- How should I package the water in the tank?
    2- The best way to transport the fish and coral.
    3- How should I put the fish and coral back in water?
    4- Do I need to let the water sit for a few hours before I put fish back?
    5- Did anything bad ever happen when you moved your tank?

    Please tell me your moving story, so we can learn how to move our fish, coral and tanks without any loses.

    Reason for the move, house has lead paint above drop ceiling and it's making my kids sick. It is causing my little girl to have seizures, Not Good

    It must be great, to be a fish.:38:

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    easiest/best solution, dont stock untill you move haha

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    I'm the King of moving... I've moved my 75gl tank approx 4time in the last year with very little casualties.

    1 make sure you have several 5gl buckets and lids.
    2 get some fish bags from LFS
    3 make sure you have friends with strong arms
    4 make sure you have a vehicule that can transport tank and other items.

    I tend to keep most of the water. I place the rocks in the buckets with water.
    I package the fish and corals in bags and place them in a Styro for transport.

    Good luck..
    Quote Originally Posted by chujai View Post
    easiest/best solution, dont stock untill you move haha

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    If you are able to setup a holding tank at the new location it will save a lot of headaches... move as much of the water as you can into this new tank... don't put the sand as it will cause a dust storm and may cause your corals and fish to be stressed.

    Once your other tank is back at the new location... add the sand and slowly move the rock over... once the dust settles(give it a good day) start moving the corals and fish from your temp tank and cross your fingers.


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    I don’t mean to highjack your thread but I'm moving in mid July to NB from Petawawa. I am planning to move it all in my 160Gal Rubbermaid container rocks, coral and fish together. The substrate will be placed in multiple buckets. I will have about 30-40gal of salt water premade to take with me. The whole trip should take no more than 13-14hrs, travelling late afternoon none stop, so at least the temperature will not be too high. In addition, I will have heater and a small pump in the holding tank with a power supply.
    Any comments or suggestions? Do you guys think is it going to work?

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    why do you think its a good idea to bring the substrate? I would take a few cups of it with me to see new stuff and throw the rest in teh garbage... yuor just asking for trouble

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