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    New Calcium Reactor - Deltec PF-501

    Well folks since my calcium demand increased running mainly SPS dominated tank my good old dual chamber was being pushed into overdrive, burning lots of CO2 and giving my tank faster than usual algae growth.

    So I decided to order myself the Deltec PF-501 reactor. Why Deltec? Well I've done some research and the fluidized bed really appealed to me as my previous experience I did experience channelling and clogging. Deltec was the only major vendor that had offered the fluidized bed solution; as well their 4th generation PF-501 seems to have fixed a lot of the problems from the previous revisions.

    Today I picked up the package and here are some pictures:

    Filled with Media and ready to get hooked up:

    The famous Aquabee Pump:

    My Old Dual chamber reactor before retirement:

    Side by Side Comparison, the chamber is much larger on the delted compared to the old:

    It took a while to figure out all the hoses and where they go on the Deltec, the instructions provided we're vague as to what attaches where, definitely if this would be my first calcium reactor I would not know where to begin. While all hooked up I hit a snag in the setup:

    Faulty regulator feed valve, I may have to get that replaced simply to have it incase I do need it. My concern is that this reactor looks like it's been designed to self feed which I would prefer not to as I will be using it on a Dosing pump and I don't want any flow through the reactor while the pump is in the off state. I may need to change the CO2 feed and the Tank water feed around as the CO2 one currently is on the pressure side and the Water is on the suction side. Right now to keep it all original and by pass the leaky valve problem I've hooked up the feed direct without the valve.

    As you may see I've moved the probe over from my old calcium reactor, I like to keep a steady PH inside there as I don't want to overmelt the media. Also I've removed the pre-filter for the feed as I've read and heard it likes to clog up quickly and does not really improve the reactors performance. The Aquabee pump overall is silent, it lets out a lot of vibration which gives off a little faint buzz to the reactor.
    For now I've just primed it and let the media tumble off. As you can see the water is a little milky. I did not rinse the media before putting it in the reactor, I guess I should have.
    This cloudiness does not really affect the operation of the reactor but if fed into main tank it will make my water cloudy. I'm letting the CO2 feed until the reactor reaches proper PH, I'm leaving the dosing pump off for the time being and just allowing the melting process to take place. Hopefully this will get rid of the cloudiness as well.

    I will keep you guys posted on how it’s working out.
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    Water Movement: 2 x Tunze 1045ís on a wave function from my reefkeeper 2
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    Skimmer: Bubble King 180 Mini
    Calcium: Dual Chamber reactor with dosing pimp and Milwakee PH control

    Ozone: Red Sea Aquazone plus 100mg
    Cooling: 1/10hp Pacific Coast Chiller
    Other: ATO, RODI, Phosban

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    real nice stuff.... I gotta get around to getting a new one soon!
    congrats on the nice hardware

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    Looks like a good reactor.

    Keep up up to date over time on how it's working.
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    620w in DT.

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