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    tip on keeping a QT tank going

    Just thought I'd mention this method for you that want to keep your quarentine tanks going without any fish in them. I've got a couple going all the time and to keep it cycled you add 1 drop of pure ammonia for every 5 gallons...once per week. This keeps it right on for the day your at the LFS and bring that unexpected fish home and need that QT!

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    I have mine drilled and plumbed into my main reef tank. This way when I use it as a QT tank, I just cut off the lines to the reef and then just recirculate the water within itself.


    My QT tank now use to be my anenome and clown tank...that's why it's plumbed. I cannot treat the QT tank now with copper as it will affect my reef tank once I start it back up. My QT tank now is simple a LIMBO or observation tank that I put my new arrivals in to make sure they are healthy. When I need to treat, I just grab an old 15 gallon and start it up.

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