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    seahorse suppliers in Canada ?

    are there any stores or on line suppliers still selling seahorses in Canada ??


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    JL Aquatics, B.C. sometimes have them. Other than them, I do not know who sells (and ships) them. A local LFS, Marinescape, sometimes has them, but I don't believe they ship.

    By the way, welcome. I grew up in Riverview, the old Gunningsville section. Nice to see a member from home.


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    are there any stores or on line suppliers still selling seahorses in Canada ??

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    i know Coralscaping used to bred them but i can't find anything on their website, it may be worth it to contact them. sorry not much help.....

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    I know of a guy that breeds them in Montreal. Check on, theres a section on it. Hope you speak French.
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