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Thread: Sea Pen

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    Sea Pen

    Does anybody have any experience with Sea Pens. Do they do well in aquaria?? Are they stirctly filter feeders??

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    I had one in the past. It lasted a while but I my tank crashed after a I moved the tank. I lost it.
    I believe they are just filter feeders. Out during the day and in the sand at night. I know they like a deep sand bed 4" or deeper. It like my sand bed.
    With using the right food you might be able to keep one. Such as reefroids etc.
    I have heard they are very hard to keep and I don't know how I would have made out if my tank didn't crash.
    Here is a pick of it.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    150 (reef) 56 (FOWLR)
    75 gal sump 25 gal refuge
    300lbs CaribSea Aragonite Reef Sand
    280 lbs of Assorted rock
    Tunze 9010 skimmer, Current USA 48" Fixture
    1 cleaner shrimp, pistol shrimp
    50 blue legged hermit, 15 nausaurus/astrea snails
    Yellow tang, 2 clowns, 1 blue chromis, 1 yellow watchman 1 corral beauty
    Colt coral, Frogspawn, Bubble, Donut coral, Mushrooms,Starburst green, Green and orange polyps an Umbrella coral, Purple Long Tentacle Anemone.

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    The sea pen, looks alot like a corky sea rod-gorg probably the same thing. I have had a corky sea rod for almost 4 months, and its doing great. They are filter feeders and they are also photosynthetic. Feeding reef-roids and cyclopeze seem to make it very happy. Its a decent grower and its very beautiful. I havent had much luck with other non-photo-syn gorgs, but this one is doing great.

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