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    A shrimpy little question..

    I have been considering getting 2 peppermint shrimp in my tank to help with pests (bristle worms, aiptasia). My tank is going to be a mixed reef, peaceful community tank. I also am drawn to the idea of a pistol shrimp/ goby combo and I believe the pistol shrimp would kill the peppermints. I also like the idea of a cleaner shrimp setting up a station and cleaning fish! I am not set on any of the options but I was hoping that I could start a discussion on which would be more beneficial for my tank.

    My primary concern is that the shrimp I get would have a "job" and would not harm any corals or invertebrates. I could get a Canary Wrasse for the worms and have a shrimp which would serve another purpose. The more opinions the better. Thanks in advance to all those that respond!! :b4:

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    I have a few kinds in my tank and all of them seem to be happy in the same tank. mind you it may be because of all the hiding space i have..

    I have:
    6 peppermint shrimps,
    1 cleaner shrimp,
    1 blood shrimp,
    1 pistol shrimp

    as for aiptasia.. none of the shrimps showed any interest in it.. but my copperband sure did

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    i agree with liv :b2:

    all my peppermints liked to hang out in the overflow more than the tank, maybe they knew the food was easy to get...... the next problem was they usually also ended up taking the waterslide to the basement which never turned out good for them.

    the pistol would set up his territory and the the other shrimp will usually set up theirs and stay away, of course accident can happen :b10:. i suggest a couple of skunk cleaners, they are active during the day and try to jump on fish ( and you ) to clean all the time.

    all shrimp will run over your corals but usually only go after the dead or dieing, but thats their job.

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    i have three peps in my FOWLR tank and the only problem is the CBS trying to chase them down, other than that they did eat the single aiptasia that hitchhiked on one of my LR pieces. as for bristle worms i dont know. my Shrimp clean my hand if i stick it close enough.
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    you mention a canary wrasse for the bristle worms due you know if there very effective? As for my tank I keep all types of shrimp just like liv and they just keep to themselves.

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    Also keep in mind that some shrimp will become aggressive during feeding time... digging into an anemone/lps to get at the chunk of food.


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