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Thread: ID Please

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    ID Please

    So I was watching my aquarium today and noticed that my emerald crab was half sticking out of a rock and not really moving. I stuck some tweezers in to try and catch it and I saw that something else was dragging it back into the rock. I took that rock out and found another crab inside. I'm not sure if this crab killed the emerald crab but I have had a few fish and other things that have gone missing in the it possible that this guy killed them?
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    usually.. pincers like these are meat eaters.. and another trick is the color.. black pincers are usually predator crabs.
    He'd make a great sump scavenger.

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    i can't give you an ID but if there is any doubt at all throw him in the sump or give him to someone with a mantis shrimp. he looks like he could kill ( pointy claws ) and i wouldn't tank any chances.

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    no ID here either but like the others said, sump pet.
    worst case eel/mantis food.
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    same... doesn't look good... I would get rid of him.


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