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    Stuffed the sump with liverock :)

    So i picked up 30 pounds of live rock, It came out of a reef system and was sitting dry for a week.. So its not alive persay.. lol But concidering i paid $1.50 per pound its really nice stuff..

    Took only 30 pounds as thats all i could stuff into the sump!

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    Looks like you may need yet another tank soon:biggrinbo
    what can happen-usually happens

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    That rock will be alive again in no 1.50 a pound you should have taken it all and kept it for base will buy a larger tank one day...we all do...even if you have a 500 gallon, you'll go bigger....I'm just going to move to the coast on the ocean to stop my buying....


    The only thing two reef keepers will agree on, is what the third reef keeper is doing wrong!

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    thats the conclusion i have come to... Im going to buy a Condo in Fiji.... that way i get up in the morning and jump in the water.. The ocean will be my Aquarium

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