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    Swollen Sea Urchin

    I have a long spined black sea urchin who's under part (the part that you see when they are stuck to the glass) is all swollen. It looks like 4 dark red balloons and has been that way for a few days now. I thought it might not make it as it stopped moving for hours which is very unusual for him but now he's moving around again...not sure if he's still swollen though as he is just crawling all over the rocks.

    Any thoughts on why he might be all swollen??


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    The under part you see is most likely his jaw. or are you referring to the piece that sticks out with an orange/red ring.. ( thats his butt ) he may have eaten something too big for him and may have a challenge shooting it out.. lol
    My urchin does something similar from time to time.. specially when he goes on the rough rubble. post a pic if u can so I can take a closer look.

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    I guess I'm referring to his jaw...the part that he uses to cling to everything. The swelling has gone down a bit and I will keep an eye on him. I'll post pics soon

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