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    Trip to Montreal

    I plan on going into Montreal on Friday (Jan.9) and most llikely again on Sunday.

    Where are a couple of good places to visit that have nice coral selections. I will visit the Big Al's in Pointe Claire, but are there others worthwhile going to?

    Is there anybody in the West end that would like to trade corals? Abby/Tammy, do you have any recipricals from the time you visited Almonte at the MASO?

    I don't have any pictures handy of what I have for trade right now, but if you visit my photo gallery, I would most likely have frags of most things you see.

    Send me a PM if you are interested in any trades.

    65 gal. w/40 sump, 90 gal. w/30 sump, 20 gal. frag/holding tank and a whole bunch of paraphanalia to go with it!

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    If you are looking for some local MTL frags, I do grow my stuff out often. My availability is very limited, but I'm in the west island 4min from big als. I have some frags from zoos, limited sps and growing out soft corals. I'll send you a PM.

    I just passed by big als today (like every other day lol). No corals as of Jan 8th, prolly not until next week. Fish is also limited.

    Place to check, on your way here.
    Nature pointe claire
    Big als pointe claire
    head north to laval (10min from BA)
    Nature st-dorathee

    South shore (25-30min from west)
    Aqua reef greenfield park (quality frags, premium price but mention you come from out of town to buy stuff)
    Jardin de mer (unkown for prices but I have been there and my friend shops there b/c its close to him).

    Downtown/east end
    Octopus, been once a while back
    Oceanview enterprise never been, just found it
    10.G Nano Reef
    40.G Reef (ITW)

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