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Thread: Boyd Vita-chem

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    Boyd Vita-chem


    Anyone use Boyd's Vita-Chem product?

    Soak food in or just as an additive? Any comments would be great!

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    I have been using Vita Chem on ocassion for the last 6 months.
    I feed my fish both brine and spirulina. Once in a while I notice that the color on both my Yellow watchmens will become a little pale- about every 3-4 months. I just simply add a few drops to the spirulina and within a few days they seem to brighten up like ripe bannana's

    I know that the brine is nothing more than junk food, but for the size of the fish in my reef, mysis is just too large. So I guess this is why I decided to supplement the ocassional feeding with vitimins in there diet. The fish seem unaware of the added Vita Chem as they still gobble it up, and the pink skunks even show some better coloration after there vitimins too
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