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Thread: weird sound

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    weird sound

    sometimes I hear clicking sounds coming from my tank. any ideas? thanks

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    Hey Wendo-reef,

    Perhaps a mantis shrimp? Had any critters go missing lately?
    Turn the volume up on this and see if that's what you hear...
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    i wish the mantis i find in my tank were so pretty. their just green and hungry

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    never had anything that went missing. and it's been doing that for quite a while now

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    Hermit crabs banging on the glass?

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    do you have any pumps on a wave timer????

    if not, the usual suspects would be either a mantis or pistol shrimp.

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    Do you have any Clowns? My Sebae Clown makes a clicking noise when fighting over food.

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    turbo snails, when on the glass, make clicking sounds at times when they do the spin thing.

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