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    need a few ID please

    in picture one i'd like to know what that brown thing that is growing on some of my rocks.

    in picture 2 id the yellow stuff

    and in picture 3 i'd like to know what are those green flower things.

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    Ok for starters I'm not the best identifier so I could be wrong but in pic 1 it looks like you have aptaisia.

    In pic 2 you have spoges which are normal for a healthy tank.

    In pic 3 those are probly button polyps.

    But I'm mostly certain that you have aptaisia in pic 1.

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    yeh i agree with the above post
    esp. the aptaisia...:b13:

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    the first one may be aptasia but they're all the same size, so it makes me wonder if they aren't some type of clove / star polyp. can you get a closer pic??

    number two, i agree, some type of sponge.

    number three looks like a majano ( another pest) but could you post a couple more pics??

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    i don't think it's aptasia because i had it before and it's not the same it's very small and been small for over 6 months. plus my pepermint shrimp don't even bother with any of it.

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    i'll get more pics later on when my lights go on

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    pic#2 and 3 I wouldn't worry about pic#1 is questionable how is the bubble reacting to those brown polyps? does it look stunned, if they sting then it's not desired.
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