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    So Long Yellow Starfish :(

    Well a few months back our star fish had the mis-fortune of wanting to clean the inlet for our power head and got a real good "sucking" for lack of better words.... He seam to have pulled through alright. However a few weeks ago i found him DEAD! Hard as rock and being a smorgasbord for some pods. Verry sad. He has been with us since the verry beginig he was one of our firstr live stock :S!
    Any ways He lived happily for over a year.

    Heres my question: If starfish have regenerative properties, How do they die so easely? What are we as hobbyists doing wrong? Should we evean be keaping starfish in a tank? Do they regenerate after death or only dismemberment?

    Ok so thats like 5 questions but it's gota get the chat going....right?

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    The problem with the keeping of most starfish is our lack of understanding of their food sources. Outside of the brittle stars that many keep for clean up most other stars do not seem to have a long lifespan in most tanks.

    Unfortunately their regenerative properties are only for loss of limb, they do not come back from the dead.
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    sorry to hear :b8:

    i agree with the above, we don't know enough about their exact diet and we can't reproduce what they need. their regenerative powers usually only work in the wild and we very rarely see an injured star regenerate in our closed system.

    IMO the only starfish we should be keeping are the brittle and serpent ( not the green ones ), they seem to do very well in our closed systems.

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    We do have a brittle star fish and hes been with us the course of this as well. Hes doing great and growing as he does eat "food".

    Interesting however how some creatures are sold to Hobbyists even though we have no real Idea how to care for them !

    I suppose we should just leave them in the wild at that point !

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