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    Mating behavior of clown fish

    For those of you who have mated pairs of clown fish, I would like to know what is there behaviour?

    We have a couple in the tank at work and although I think they are way to young and new to each other to be mating, it looks like they are starting to change the way they interact. Is it possible they are trying to mate?

    They do this kind of dance and shimmy and sometimes lock lips with one another. I would not call it fighting as neither of them make any attempt to get away from each other. There is no damage to either one of them as well.

    Other than that, they seem quite happy in there little world.
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    They will practice for quite a while until they are mature enough to really mate. It's exciting to watch but it could still take a long time to see them actually mate.
    Good luck.

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    i find my clownfish whenever they mated some sort of shaking their bodys or kinda rubbing their bellys to each other. i've got misbar black perc and true perc odd couple lol anyway i have them for almost 2 yrs now. they layed eggs already 3x but i haven't got no luck to hatch the eggs lol.

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    ya, my male tomato clown would bob his head sideways and rub her tail containtly. was like he was dancing some techno.

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    what species of clown?
    what size are they??
    is one noticeably larger than the other??
    does one submit in their spats??

    what you're seeing could just be them deciding who will be the female and who the male.

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    Hate to say it, but locking jaws in combat is classic female-female hostility behaviour. It might be just a joust as they establish dominance to determine who will be the female and male, but it might also lead to scratches, damaged fins, keep an eye out.

    The dancing/shivering/twitching behaviour that everyone else is describing marks a pair in courtship. May do this for a while and its normal.

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