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    outsmarted by my little mantis friend

    well, i kept the last mantis shrimp because he lived in a rock and had a little cave with a trap door that he closed up every day --found him very interesting and enjoyed hi little habits.
    i kept him in my sump but reciently decided to move him because i wanted to keep hermits etc in the sump to help clean-up but mr mantis eats them all.
    so i put the mantis and his cave in a biocube. well, he moved into the back of the biocube, of course. he doesnt need me gawking in all the time. now i never see him LOL. and have a nano dedicated to looking at a rock.
    guess its time to get more corals.:b6:

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    have you any pics of mr. mantis????

    always seems to work out that way when we try play god in our systems, maybe he's just mad at you and needs some time alone :b7:

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    i will try for some pics but hes fast and very shy. (smart i should say). but the good news is he moved back home yesterday. saw him peeking out of his house.

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