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    princess parrotfish eating!!!!!!

    I'm so thrilled!! she's eating!! So many of them waste away and refuse to eat ( the reason I didn't want to get her) but she's eating spirulina stick on tabs, nori on a rock and column eating mysis shrimp!
    We set her up in a 33 gallon tank with live rock and lots of water movement. She seems to be happier and much more active then at the LFS where she of course was in with a zillion fish. I know this doesn't spell sucess yet...but it's definitely a strike in the right direction!

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    If anyone can keep this fish it's you Lynn. Is this the one you and your daughter bought just yesterday? That's pretty fast.

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    Great! Post pics ... want to see this little treasure.
    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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