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    Zoanthids Flag Disappear after one days

    Hi All, I just bought "2" Zoanthids on Friday and on Satuaday, I lost one and don't know why, so I try to move around the rock and see where is it, however, it gone, so I keep monitor the other one, it has no problem at night, so I think my fish and shrimp or hermit didn't eat them, however, after lunch when I back home, it gone... Do you guys think what is can happen? Thanks

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    Were they opening, or all closed-up ?

    They dont move that fast, takes weeks/months
    if they were dying, or already dead, then ya, your clean-up crew "cleaned" the mess

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    Do you have other zoos in the tank already?
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    Some open some close, and I have some other zoos @ the tank. So I think someone eat it before the die is not too make sense, and I don't know is my "new zoo" die that fast, just bought it one day...

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    What fish do you have in the tank? Clown fish has a tendency to "Collect" zoos to "decorate" near their hosting anemone, and if they did and the anemone happen to move over the zoo, then you won't be able to find it.

    I had that happen to me as well with zoo frags, where they're only point glued to a small piece of live rock, and my Blood Shrimp just walk over them, knock them off the rock, and carry them back like food, but didn't eat them. So I have to move the rocks and get them back, definitely a pain, and might need some stronger glue there.


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