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    Alexandria, VA moving to Montreal

    Starting Over (CITES is too tough)

    I've been planning my move to Canada from the states for months.

    Unfortunately I've had to give up on the CITES export permit process. After weeks of waiting and tons of paper, I found out I have to come up with certifications from every hobbiest who I've ever traded a frag with stating, "The specimen was propagated in captivity, and ownership was transfered to me on a specific date".

    I don't know how MASO meetings go, but where I come from we don't bring lawyers to a frag swap. My wife feels sorry for me, so I'll see you all at the next MASO meeting with a handful of cash. I wish I could have brought some fresh stock into the country for you guys, but it is just too hard. The welfare of the animals comes first, so I'll be sending my corals off to a good home in the U.S.

    Thanks for the support. Look forward to meeting you.


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    Wow. That's rough. I've been following your posts and admire you for having stuck with it as long as you did.

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    let me know when you arrive! there be a few frag gifts under the tree for you. welcome and I look forward to meeting you at the next MASO meeting.

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    Man that's harsh... You tried so hard. I feel for you man.
    The community here is very giving, and helps each other out. You'll be back up to speed in no time.
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    no worries Bvoss... I will also save a few nice frags for when you are ready. You'll need to let us know what types of corals you plan to keep though.


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    Dang redtape!!!

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    Alexandria, VA moving to Montreal
    Thank you all.

    I'm slowly getting used to the idea.

    Change can be good. I'll set up for SPS with a few LPS and zoos. I'll run a 2" sand bed in the display and then a DSB in a 55 gal fuge. Maybe I'll rig up a drip system with phyto and rotifers as well. I'll be in contact with IJO for some nice new rock. Could also be a good excuse to get a new sump from Harley.

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