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Thread: why a sump!!!!

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    why a sump!!!!

    I'm new to the hobby. I have 125g tank 2 400w mh 2-96w atnic, tunze protein skimmer. Almost everybody has a sump why!!! Do you realy need one. Can you make one without having a drilled tank.
    thank you

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    Welcome to the hobby.

    Your question should be, why NOT have a sump? You get your main display tank looking as clean as possible with a constant water line in one place. All mechanical goodies can be hidden and slowly added to the sump. Extra water volume for better stability. Safe areas to grow macroalgae and pods that the fish can't eat to extinction. reverse photo periods over refugiums to help keep ph more stable... If you're a real jack of all trades, you have a blast engineering your own plumbing, electrical, reactors, etc... The list goes on...

    And no, you don't need the tank drilled.
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    why a sump.. here's a few reasons:
    - less bubbles from the skimmer,
    - no heater wires showing up ( safer... less change of electrocution )
    - more space for a larger skimmer, reactors etc.
    - more space for a fuge, sensors, more LR for filtration
    - quieter
    - more to play with *( thats my personal awnser he he )
    - more water.. and easier to make water changes. ( redirect the return pumps flow to a drain )

    the list goes on forever...

    I strongly suggest you drill the tank for the sump to work properly,..or build a coast to coast external over and have that drilled instead.
    or if you have the room above or on the other side of that wall, you can always setup a tank higher then this one.. and pump the water up and drill that tank instead to flow back into the main one.

    in your case.. and if you got the space, a tank placed higher then the main would be easier as you wouldn't require drilling the main tank. hope these ideas help

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    I have a 30G main tank and 25-30G fuge with the fuge higher than my main tank. Here, IMHO, are the Pros and Cons of this setup:


    - I didn't have to break down the tank to drill it
    - I don't have to worry about an external overflow loosing siphon and causing a flood
    - Pods can gravity flow from the fuge to the main tank without getting chopped up by a pump


    - You need an extra pump or powerhead in the main tank (I use a MJ-1200 to feed the fuge)
    - You have to keep the water level in the main tank lower than normal to allow for drainage when the pump/power goes off
    - The evaporation shows up in the main tank resulting in even lower levels
    - ATO switches must be placed in the main tank, further cluttering the tank
    - It's harder to get good surface skimming (I built a skimmer box for the MJ, but because of the fluctuating water levels, it's hard to get it set just right)

    I'm still glad that I set up my fuge - especially with such a small main tank. The extra water has done wonders for my stability and I have tons of pods for my mandarin. Having said all that, when I get my next setup, the tank will be drilled and I'll use a "standard" sump/fuge setup.

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