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    Anyone Know if these are available in canada?

    Hello All,

    I'm looking to find out if anyone knows if these corals are available in Canada or even in the USA.

    Paracyathus Stearnsi(Brown Cup coral)

    Balanophyllia Elegans(Orange cup coral)

    Club tipped Anemone-
    I happen to be doing some searchs, and came across these amazing corals. They are similar to Sun coral, in the same family, but they are individuals, not colonies

    30 Gallon Breeder Driiled
    20 Gallon Sump
    Bubble Magus NAC6A skimmer
    2 -Vortech MP10 ES
    Quite one 3000 return
    40 lbs of LS
    60 lbs of LR

    100% NPS

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    I had seen these at Ottawa Inverts aswell as Aqua Valley a while back...


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