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Thread: more color?!?

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    more color?!?

    Ok so here's what i want and here's what i have !
    I really wish for more colors in my tank ones that would draw attention!

    We have a 29G Biocube with the back converted as a sump with LR some Cheato and some other green plant we thought was Cheato but is not ha ha...

    in the tank we have
    2-3inch sand bed
    aprox. 60lbs LR (we downsized from a 75G and managed to fit almost all of the rock.

    1 BTA (neon green)
    1 leather (brownish)
    1 colony of brown polyps
    1 colony of brownish/orange polyps
    1 colony of whiteish polyps
    star polyps have taken over a whole rock 1x(purple and green) 1x (pink)
    fuzzy mushrooms (green/red) (clowns home)
    1xfeatherduster (brown)
    small torch coral (green/redish)
    1x Rock anemone (rock color kinda dull) ha ha ha

    2x percs (matted)
    1x 3 stripped damsel (will be flushed if we can ever catch the rat bastard)
    1x blue damsel (victim of choice for the black damsel)
    a paired yellow gobby and pistol shrimp
    1x cleaner shrimp
    1x sandsifting star
    1x brittle star
    1x red leg hermit crab
    25x blue leg hermit crabs
    25x snails (most of the time ha ha ha)

    I just want more color and know that with size and lighting constraints we have now we cant go all crazy like our last tank. Any suggestions on what would make a nice colorful addition to our tank?

    P.S. I also realize that mother nature has given us a bit of a twist too.

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    I did not catch what kind of lighting you have, but simple blue mushrooms, red mushrooms. There are many colourful blastomussa, red, purple, etc., that are easy to keep. Yellow polyps are also nice, particularly if you can get them to spread over a larger area. Zoo's are plentiful in colour as well.
    Then you have the expensive Aussie acans and many hard corals, but only if you have the light.
    What about a clam, they can also add colour.

    Get out and look at other peoples tanks, you can pick up lots of different ideas.
    65 gal. w/40 sump, 90 gal. w/30 sump, 20 gal. frag/holding tank and a whole bunch of paraphanalia to go with it!

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    i agree ( without knowing the lighting ), zoa's come in so many colours and combinations.....

    what specific colours are you looking to add???

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    We have what ever lighting came with the Biocube. I know its not very strong!

    We used to have MH on our 75G but couldnt foot he hydro bill anymore!

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