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    Help Me Re-unite with my Favorite SPS pieces

    Well folks, it's been a while been through some rough times some red bugs, some Hypo Salinity of the tank and well along the way I lost some of my favorite pieces of SPS. All pieces were frags I've got over the years and would like to find their owners so I could possibly purchase a frag of these beauties.

    Pictures below are under 13k Giesman 250w, supplemented with some actinic.
    Please let me know if you have one of the pieces in the pictures below:

    75G Starphire 24X30x24 Coast to Coast Overflow

    Return Pump: T4 Velocity (1255 Gph)
    Water Movement: 2 x Tunze 1045ís on a wave function from my reefkeeper 2
    Lighting: Giesemann Infinity 250w HQI 14k + 4x24w T5 Actinics
    Skimmer: Bubble King 180 Mini
    Calcium: Dual Chamber reactor with dosing pimp and Milwakee PH control

    Ozone: Red Sea Aquazone plus 100mg
    Cooling: 1/10hp Pacific Coast Chiller
    Other: ATO, RODI, Phosban

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    i have that blue stag acro one of your pcs there and i also have small pcs of frag under 14k phoenix this acro is one of the most faster growing acro in my tank and as well my blue & pink millie:b2: anyway do you live around here in ottawa i could sell you a frag of this blue stag, let me know.

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