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Thread: agressive skunk

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    agressive skunk

    Hello everyone i seem to have a VERy agressive orange skunk clown. i recently got them about a week two weeks ago male female, the female is doing Great, eating no ich chasing everyone around the tank, but the male is kinda iffy, i'm not sure if it was the stress of taking them home. or maybe it's the female beating on him. he doesnt seem to be eating very much, at all. the female is a pig and anything i put in there she gobbles up. before the male can get any. i saw him go after a piece of food today, i think it stayed down. maybe i should separate him...


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    What are you feeding? try adding kent garlic to the food.
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    Did you quarantine any of ur fish before adding to ur DT? You could try to rearrange the rock a bit this might disrupt the dominent behaviour or if you have a sump you could banish the bully for a week to give the male a chance to settle in. I have distracted my bullies in the past by skurting some at one end for the bully then I'd target feed (with garlic soaked mysis/flaked/pellets) the stressed fish. :b15:
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    No I didn't quarantine them I find it gets them even more stressed from one to tue other so I just aclimate them really slow and easy the cleaner shrimp seems to be taking a good interest in the ich so that's good. And he seems Yo be eating more. Yaaay
    For the moment I feeding them some formula one cubes and flakes, I need to get some marine cuisine haha..

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