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    nem crabs / porcelain crab

    would it be recommended to move a porcelain crab from an anemone if hes already hosting? i'm kind of concerned hes not getting enough food?! should i be?
    or will he move on his own?, hes always been on the same one i put him on.

    65 Gallon, reef 50lbs LR, LED Lights 120W (i think), current 1 chromis, 2 Black clown fish, 1 yellow tang, 1 cobberband butterfly, lots of snails 1 emerald crabs, 10 hermits,1 cleaner shrimp.

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    if he's unhappy.. he'll move.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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